At Harper and Wolfie, we are always looking at ways to be kinder to our environment, continually improve our products and day-to-day practices.

As our way of showing our respect for Mother Earth, we do our best in eliminating polyester from our clothing. All our children's clothing are either made from 100% linen, 100% cotton or a cotton and linen blend; completely sans polyester. We are continuously looking at ways to improve our production and sourcing to replace all buttons and zippers with eco-friendly ones. 

When it comes to packaging, we are always mindful of how we can avoid plastic wrappers all the way from production to our customers. We are fortunate to have found manufacturing partners who understand our sustainability goal.

Even though we cannot claim to be 100% sustainable at this point, we are proud to share this journey with you as we look at how we can make positive changes within our business that reduce our environmental impact. Small & big, every action counts and this will forever be an ongoing and evolving process.