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数棒全套装 Fun Play Number Rods

数棒全套装 Fun Play Number Rods

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This set of number rods is an ideal STEAM learning tool. It links art and mathematics, stimulating children’s imagination and creative thinking skills. The number rods are coloured so that children can learn number relationships quickly. Have fun developing early childhood skills in basic math such as counting, addition, rotation, and measurement. Encourage your little ones to copy the patterns on the activity cards or use their imagination to design their own art piece.

Each bundle consists of 4 boxes of Number Rods:

  • 4-in-1 (for 3+ ages)
  • Stage 1 (for 3+ ages)
  • Stage 2 (for 4+ ages)
  • Stage 3 (for 5+ ages)

Note: Some of the boxes are a little banged up in transit but the contents are unaffected and not blemished.

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